Limitless Exhibition at SCC

“SCC Art Department presents Limitless

The arts offer a limitless range of self-expression and understanding.  These exhibiting artists represent some of the wonderful arts educators that touch the lives of families across the country.  See the dynamic range of work by these local artists, and bid on an original createing that explores the limitless possibilities in the arts!

Nicole Achorn    Marc Edge    Joy Fowler    Ashley Holmes    Sally Medford

   Lu-Ann Picknell    Deena Smeigh    Elizabeth Spaulding

Artist Reception and Auction: Tuesday September 5, 5-7 pm

Exhibition Dates: August 14-September 29, 2017


Summer goal…I ended up submitting 2 pieces, one as a donation and the 2nd as a personal entry.  Hope to see you there!



I started this last year for my husband as a Christmas gift…never quite finished and getting back to yet as a Spring Break goal.  I still have a ton of elements to add, but getting there and we only have 2 children verses the 7 my grandparents had!



Inspired by my Grandfather’s…the image is not the greatest. Took a photo of the framed image at my parents.




















Portrait of Carrie

Portrait of Carrie, 2011

Painted this of Carrie when she was 4. She was wearing one of my favorite dresses that my mom had made. I caught her on the piano after church one day. I do not usually lean toward portraits….but this has become one of my favorites.

IMG_20170206_205140 (1).jpg